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    March 3, 2014
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♪ ♪ neil: welcome, everyone, i am kneeled kudo. m punish himself oe latest ukrane leader seems to be his own undoing. let's see if you can climb out of this hole. here'shat happened today. russia turned bearish on its health. that would be like the dow jones crashing 1600 points in a single day. and the russian ruble crash against the dollar today. without the united states or europe or anyone doing anything.
maybe let vladimir putin die on his own vine. maybe et him fall on his own sword because the world clearly is not buying his bullyingor now and here is the kicker. his own russian marke..@ maybe because it has no plans to attack you create mitary units today. >>his is a very fluid situation and it's very difficult to go afr specific things that can be done. you have to be more of a broad situation and you stand back and let it happen and let it develop and see if it implodes on its own. we can certainly send secretary johnerry, as if being done,
from the president of ukraine as well. suspend him from the g-8. because it's really about finances and russia. they are very concerned about their financial stability and their financialmeasures that the 28 nato nations in the eu and the unitedstates can be very effective. neil: i always think tt they have weight of these issues and threa to the letter. and i think that he is now doing so as well. oil prices are skyrocketing in a currency thatkeeps me going. and it will keep me going. the more vatile and make this come in the more the oil prices go up i the world. so that is a win-win for me, no matter what's happening in my market or currency. >> think that as a result of the olympics, the world had a pretty good impression of not only him but russia and he is self emboldene and the pridents of bolivia and
foreign-policy and othr situations here with benghazi and obamacare, it's just a credibility issue. so he's gog to continue to do what he wants to do regardless. but i think that they are relying on currency and it's not just about oil, but it's also about being a good real partner in having the respect from the european union member as well as the nato members. it's going to play out a little bit more of it have any definite ideas where it ultimately will fall. neil: meanwhile, a retiredrmy general said this is not something to take lightly. the general astronomy now on the phone. the fact of e matter is that sometimes with these crises, and you know bter than i, things can get out of hand fast. >absolutely. the analogy that i use is hitler's germany. history doesn't repeat itself, but it does ryme.
what the oversight treaty was hitler, what was soviet union is to vladimir putin. he turned it intoa dictatorship and that's what he did. he used the vioated german minorities in central europe and places like czechoslokia and that is exactly what putins doing today and there's nothing new under the sun here. latimer hooton. neil: he must know it tha ven as crazy as it can be, then it matters to have that currency
going. and you would think they would try to leverage all of that. >> i dsagree completely. this is russia. and the russians have a 2000 year old history of either being at your knees or at your throat and this is visceral and the main audience is and nato, it's the russian people. and the russian people are loving this and it's almoslike it's docked world war ii again. neil: we've been readin lot of this press. they do like that. but i am reminded what mitt romney was talking about with russia. so have a listen.
>> romney was right. >> he was. he was absolutely right. and you might also note that not only did the president dismissed romney, but the vast majority of the media actually made parodies out of what mitt romney said. and tat is precisely what happens today and it ems to
cmble around the world, bad guys steppinin and filling that gap. this has been going on for 4000 years. there's nothing about conditions today thatre any different. >> general, it's good to talk to you again. thank u, my friend. meanwhile, back on the hill, pleading the fifth. is it me othe way that the irs is dragging out the targeting investigation, it makes you want what super poligrip does for me ist keeps the food out.
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other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have elling of the face or thro, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> i have been advised by my counsel to assert a constitutional right not to testify and i have decided to line my count is advised not to buy. i will not answer any questions or testify in i will not answer any questions or testify today. i decline to answer that qstion. for the reason that berti given. >> that was then. so why should things be any different righ now? republicans and he irs scandal. neil: sing again she will plead neil: si again she will plead the fifth. tina, what do you make of this? is it even worth the time
agging her back? >> you know, you make a good point. probably not. none of it matters because we all know that eric holder is not going to danything about it and i don't think republicans are going to let go at that. so maybe she should make a deal here. some sort of a plea, something that would get these guys to move forward under this investigation. i'm surprised that they e dragging h back. >> if you look at the record company continued to drive these things and it doesn't matter what it is or it it takee forever and it all just mumbles in with the new cycle. and then the people, the
american people ha no cl what is going on. but if you look atthe record, if you look at the way that they had acted like royals, it is criminal protection racket taking pla at the highest echelons of the united states government. it is nothing less than crimina >> we take the senate and the fall, and it's a whole new game. that's a lot to hang yoor hat on. but on the league lois lerner is involved in that and they are continuing as business as usal. but hat would it take for her to get off the dime? it comes back to making a deal. her bosses aren't igning this. >> i don't think there ill be rest. they're going to hold the governmentccountable for long
last of criminal activity sin the beginning of this administratn. the real traedy is that where is the day in court for the people who were targeted by lois lerner's irs two where is the day in court for the people whose names at an opportune time last right before the election? and also what about those organizations out there ecause now no one wants to donate because they are afraid as a nor their names will be we. this is the situion that we have and this is the real tragedy. two well put and good seeing you. >> good view. neil: now, i like this, it
almost came across as too of them. portraying the rich as greedy and smug. the folks ere parently watching the coverage of this. head of advertising and it's basically saying that the hard work create the own luck in order to achieve it that you just have to believe that anything is possible. it is not about materialism. but the advertisement doesn't lie and appoint in a point then as it is now is that if you're going to argue, and as mayor bill de blasio is plating around new york, these parents are protesting them. protesting them. you may want to be worried the's this kid.
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>> why target us? why target us? the oon going ballistic. ilda gladio announcing cut on three very successful charter schools. that has got our witter followers talking. i believe that all parents deserve cool toys. paying off campaign contriutors at the expense that it's odious. not the teachers unions or the yor of new york cit. liz macdonald is here. it's a hot topic.
so what do you make of this? >> i come from a family of teachers. teachers in public schools. my mother and my grandmother. what she is saying is that children are crying, the parents are saying that they would rather homeschool their children now, those who are in charter schools and they are saying that if our kids are going to be taken out of the charter schools, we'd rather homeschool them, put them back infailing public schools where they are not learning to read or math or science. great ratesare quadrupling. the performance rates for the kids are getting eve better. neil: tat is what the teachers union groups are afraid of because the numbers are that stark. >> yes, that is the word on the
street. let's see the e-mails between the city council and billde blasio's office going against the charter school. because this is being paited as a blood vendetta between bill de blasio. the e-mails need to be shown to the public on how they are ung their personal city council committee to go after the charter schools. >> but then they won't survive, well they? >> it is less than 10% of the kids right now. why not give them a chance? the charter schools are successful. >> it's a very god point. in the meantime, ralph nader sing if sh were to run, wouldd@ you back or not we've set up whole two-party system? >> we need fresh voices and
fresh experience. >> what he was talking about is that it opened or n for office. that is the first thing that ralph nader ever said that i agree with. one more and jim clinton takes credit for surplus. he people forget it was the repuicans who control the house and the senate. basically i like alternators idea. >> yes, we have been talking about this. so what about political monopolies, we have the same politicians who have txes for funding, time and again come back into office. we have talked about this since the nixon administration. they have been aroundince the reagan and the nation. so why is there a political monopoly and where is the third independent party voice.
don't have that yet in the united states and it's costing us. >> what why do they all have to be politicians? what is wrong with going out out of that one. neil: in the mentime, finally a crazy tweet from one of our followers. my older sister regina told me when i was little, i ws six or seven years old, and they punched a 12-year-old in the days and he was booing her. >> yes, i read tweet. i had no idea i did this. it was on my stuff, it had been bullying her and pulling her hair for quiteome time.
thing you should punch people in the faith, i just couldn't tak her from bei bullied, i had no idea where it he tod me about it. >> sion was the end result that she was happy about equipment imagine was very happy about it. she's dead where my brothers mama brothers were there to help me. and so for once i felt good that i did something. and that's what she was saying. neil: this what does that mean? >> i don't know. ralph can tell you. he's the producer. >> identifying it as a thing that in this case will be a part of it. >> i'm told that's what it does. as we get all this stuff and like-minded e-mails. neil: he went o congress and
u.n. here enact. >> yes. neil: back to the gm recall delay. the company knew that they had a serious ignition problem. yet they did nothing and said nothing and you guys all stopped talking about t. still another. since the recall notices him and makes me even more glad that i just bought a nongovernment sport. gm,what took you so long? >> meanwhile, this h got to stop. >> plenty of stories and republicans to grab headlines with lots of advertisements. >> my next guess would like to digress. his mother was kicked off of the plan due to obamacare and now can't get what she desperately
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and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at neil: enter steve blackwood he has seen first hand how ts health care law has become for his mom, who is battling cancer, and lost coverage due to opponent care. as of this morning something mirr act housely changed? >> well, as of this morning, i received a telephone call saying they they were going to cover her for the next year, we have not received tha in writing yet, if i say is drawing a
larger problem it takes a op-ed, on a natiol newspaper, phone calls, just to get one drug covered for one year, how do we know that system is going to work well for those who d't get that kind of attention. neil: w many others who didn't have the access you did, and push you did, to get your grief published and seen on tv, how many are feeling brunt of this? >> you know all i'm trying to do speak up for what is happening to my mom, she and people like her, can gene access to the -- can gain access to the care the need. >> argt is that, harry rei argued and nancy pelosi has a lot of these story are made up, and they are not that bad obamacare not the reason. it was not because of obamacare. and you are hanging it on obamacare, what do you say? >> well, senator's comments are
a plate ant denial -- blatant denial of the facts. now, just like perhaps. so i can tell this as clearly as possible to your vwers. ne: they are? >> welshe was diagnosed with neuroendo skincancer in 2005. canner of sadly steve jobs died of, main treatment for that disease is drug called sandy on stat en lar . i want to tress very opinion this drug which does not exist in generic form is not novel or experimental it is thehe stand v of care for people with her disc disease, my mother had a
plan with blew blue cross blue shield for 20 year, and very happy, she received a letter in october saying that she would be canceled as a direct result of the ada . she researched all of the plans at the time, very carefully. she was assured by humana that plan she bought, i gather is most expensive government approved plan in the state of virginia, she was assured it would cover her at 100% after deductible, enrollment agents did not have access to details on the plan, you said you have to buy i to find out for sure what is in it she was 100% assured it. fast forward to two weeks ago herrin surer told her they you uld cot be covering that medication after all.
bottom line, she had a plan that worked wonderfully, and now she does not, either way the president lied, he said she cod keep her health plan. people should not be forced into plans they do not want. neil: i hope she comes along ts better, steven thank you very much. >> thank you neil. neil: now it is easy to come back at say insurance companies and blame them, high mark health insurance c said this would be wrong, what happens they go back to insurance companies you say? >> neil, nice to be with you. unfortunate situation that got described there, my heart goes out to that geneman and his mothther, one of the real issues that cuts across ts story and many other that issue o affordability. and care f medine, medical
care is become unafor an there are aspects of this law that don't help that there are things that we can do, right here at high mark we took action last week, very relevant to this story, we decided to close a loophole, for cancer drugs. and as you may or may not know cancer drugs administers in the hospital today are paid 3 or 5 time z as expensive as same drug in the doctor's office. no different in patient orrug, no difference in care, we said that is ridiculous, we'll close that loophole,ennounce a policy it will save our subscribers, the employers and individuals $20 million a year. neil: bill, t be clear, this idea that the affordable care act will mean all preexisting conditions are coved, all
drugs to treat those conditions, that you are not going to pay more as a rult, is at best unrealistic? >> is not about having just broad covere, it is 'cost of medical care that drives up the cost of that coverage, and whether it is premium you pay or increasing he the ct sharing, that deductible, copayments, those are substantial in many of thelans, inappropriate there should be cost sharing, but what you apply that against really expense of things like cancer drugs,hat can cost and one example that we had here, 13,000 dollars for a single treatment. and it was at one hospital system in this area as opposed to for example, aohns hopkins that statemen treatment, same drug was $2,005. that needs to be changed.
we can do that. neil: bill thank you very much for clarifying a lot of that, i don't like where this is going. >> it you hear the one about the kid suin suing her parents for throwing her out of the house, not paying tuition or college tuition, shea are within th mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former milary members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
neil: in tonight's let me be brief, 18 and out of the house, out of luck, a morristown, new jersey stupe i student is suing her parents they have cut the apron string. she claims they you this her out of the house, threw her out of the house, she is on h own, the parents said she did not
abide by rules, does she have a case? kelly, you would tell rahel tough luck? >> absolutely, i think per parents might have an obligation to continue paying for her high school education becse they had a contract with the school but college, no way. that is n a guaranteed right, her parents don't have an obligation, and if she wants to live under her roof, and not listen to her rules, i think she is out of luck. >> when you bring a child into is world, you raise them through good and b. neil: 18 they are adults. >> well, actually not really, not in new jersey because there is a law that says, if you are 18 years old, you are enrolled in college, have you legal right to go to court are rebut presumption you are not a child any more, and you know at en of
the days a teen ager you have a boyfriend that mommy and caddie don't like 92 tell me about it. it. >> you should gne offall people. -- you suld know of all people, but you don't punish your child by ge priving them. neil: yes you can, my daughter has seen guys that of the missing link, but i digress. my points on this. girl suing her parents to get what she wants, does that feed this narrative she is pushy, greedy. >> entitled? absolutely, she is not willing to listen to their rules, she lived with the friend's familyy@ she worked with the dad of the friend who is a lawyer, she has lel bills and no money to pay that, she is not being accountable if her house, she as hey problem of affluent za.
if she is enrolled in college they might have obligation, she is not, she is still in high school. neil: we don't know she is a br. but i live in the area, i know this school, it is a pricey school, the high school is closing in at $7,000. so, parents have stopped paying that in interim. but you are argue they should pay that? >> i think so. >> i think so. >> i think that public policy to beoncourage kids to get an education, she should get a job, she is a honor student, a smart girl but working at college bookstore is not paying a college tuition, she is not getting financial aid because of her partner's income. she is saying pay for my colge tuition, let me better myself. neil: why do the parents have to pay for her college tuition, but
i know a lot of kids including myself, you take out college loans, you do what you have to do. but i don't think it should be given that you parents automatically are saddled with that. >> and -- if she does not can to college, where does that leave her, society will have to take care of her. neil: come on, come on. >> wh what kind of policy, my parents have money they set aside a colge fund, court would say too bad. >> what kind of policy does in send when children sue their parents. neil: we're talking, we'll see what happens, i think that cooler heads should prevail, maybe they will. in the meantime, kid, you better watch how you are to your parents. neil: the selfy tweeted around the orld, how this made twitter look like a bunch of
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neil: tim cook about to be cooked, shareholders pushing back, apple ceo pushing company cash to go 2 disbre 2 -- into green investments, saying, i you want me to do things for return on investment reasons you should get out of this stock. is the right move? garick a michael, i'm trying to give him every benefit of the doubt, i am an apple shareholder i have been for decade, tryin to think maybe he is sayin look at what i to in bigger picture, and what i do in bigger picture,
and company social commitment is part of that, but i got a little annoyed saying we should not judge howe spends that money, as shire holders we should -- as shares holders we should,ti we? >> yes. i am hard pressed to find any other ceo coof a company saying, if youop like what we're doing, sell the stock, for him to do this, and what on the arrogant side. someone by the name of jobs would never do that. >> mike, youking argue if you like green and technology show us how you like green doing it, what do you think? >> agree with both sides companies like apple who are profitable with monster margins should leaded way on innovative technology, he is the
shareholder and protect or of stock holders but he is trying to find the next new technology like apple has done lover last 20 years -- don over the last 20 years. neil: a new technology or a cause? if he is pushing new technology that is one thing but to make social statement, ewing that technology that might or might not benefit shareholders but tell them if you d't like it lump it that is a bit more, isn't it. >> it is, we're all making assumption he is being arrogant, it came off that way. but i think apple keep a lot of their technolog under the cup until this is ady to roll, i lot could be said for a lot of new tech companies today. >> neil there is no upside to what he said, only dow side, i there is one shareholder who sold their stock that is a good thing,opefully he learns a
lesson from this and zips lip neil: everyone talking aut how this oscar selfy went viral, it knocked twitter out, 20 minutes during oscars, that theanger of being on internet, on your golden moment, if this is not first time, the tng goes cablewy does not make you look good. >> with the new technology, this is a mechanical device like a ca or a airplane,onderful as it is. there is going to be issues it is going to break down, the social media stuff gets information to so many people so quickly, it is mind boggling, the fact that it runs as well as it does, is a testament to our technolo 92 w. neil: we suldccept warts and all? >> it is part of the process,
twitter is huge, i gather they did not expect or the technology did not expect what they got,tious what happened. for the stock for the company, if it happens too many times it will affec things, but there is more noise on good end for twitter than dn side. neil: any comments on selfies, years ago we just said awkwardly trying to take a picture of your, like went i -- on vacation, i am wondering is this whol technology out of hand, is to just the way the world is. >> i think the way that world is, i think selfiesnd concept of going viral is amazing, think about it we can use social media technology not onlyor things like selfers, the oscars or over. but i think from a political perspective, we can use sial media to get word ut to
population, get an instant feedback loop, to where people stand on different issues, they can get information from public withinours, i think that down side, it may put college polls out of business. neil: that is a good pnts, gary. what do you make of the selfy fixing a? they are leveraging off of it . >> selfy is a popular, they are here to stay, started with celebrity, now everyone else, hopefully you take normal selfies, not abnormal. but as far as whole social thing, it is just begun, company are aking huge advantage ofuge advertising for be going to forward, i think we're at the beginning. neil: i think if you are a big star, and you have to take a selfy that demeans you as a star, pple should be taking pictures of you.
meanwhile, thank you very much for putting some of this in perspective. what is deal with this what's deal e-mail and tweet, i am letting you in on a little question, if superman and batman got in a fight, who do you think would win? my answer. it's a no brainer, i ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor day. ♪ coach calls her a team player. she's kind of scial. she makes the whole team better. h's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide,
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>> and we really like your news segment. thank you, i like you and dough. a lot. mark, i like how you put people on the spot because you look like a wuss, then bam, you let them have it. whatever keeps you watching mark. and hey, neil, what do you do on st. paddy's day, i drink, quite early, and are you and your panel on steroids or speed? are all talk or moving around like you are on something, we're so into what we do, our own private dna drug. and what deal with talking about money? condition you talk about something else? no. and heather. why do you folks up north always talk about the weather. it has not bp very nice.
buster, cavuto, the deal with our ad, you look stupid, and things come out of your mouth are stupid. did you know that? no. but did you know that epeople who e-mail completion that, prove they are more stupid. and hey, neil, kenny roger, and rod stewart have scratchy voices, try sings to your haters, and you are not as ugly as willie nelson. >> and i think that you are the most hand some guy at fox, a lovv a guy that will speak his mind, to hell with these twits. >> and making one of my favorite people on fox, god bless. on this very same subject, in chicago, i heard about being built for comfort, you seem built for a nuclear winner, your thoughts in thoughtless.
>> eleanor, i like big men, i'll leave it at that, and i like women who like you like big men, i'll leave it at that, did you know you still look hand some as ever. i knew that and kevin, wants to know why i bash so many republicans, let us win in november, things will change, they won't change kevin, if republicans coasting on their principle toes play politics, you might as well pack up your 10 tent. i can't stan it, stake a stand. michelle, neil, did you see the oscar selfy? i think you should to a cavuto show, selfy. you think? no, i think it sounds stupid. and why do you believe in fracking when there is wind, and
solar, i believe in all of them, helping us get to points where we don't need to rely on middle east, and some of those nuts, at all. philadelphia, when do you believe the world will end? at the same points my show goes off the air, tommy said he 10 years old, if superman and batman got in a fight who would win? superman, tommy, batman just has that damn belt and nothing else. cliff in detroit, i chose you, can you explain your significance so i can explain you to my class. i have single handed he change financial reporting as we know it and the world is a better place for it, try that. you will get anyy a, you can keep the e-mails and tweets coming, we want to hear you from. what's the deal neil. your chance to really ask any question you want. as long as you are within bounds
issue these weight questions are getting silly, camera does add 50 pounds, you are wasting your time. it is a joke. see you tomorrow. kennedy: are you in the mood for an intervention? the prevailing wisdom seems to be no. at least with the ukraine, stay out of this. difference is between right and left. as how we should best respond, very subtle. we could actually have an elevated national discussion about crimea, you might agree with your come an adversary's about russia's over react, and how we got here, and what to do about putin, people are fighting for their freedom, and paying with their lives, that does not mean we need to sacrifice american lives watching russia